Sheldon A. Harris Photo
   Shelly A. Harris

Harris for Justice

Elect Justice Shelly A. Harris
the Democrat's candidate for the Illinois Supreme Court, First District vacancy
March 17, 2020



Hon. John B. Grogan, Ret.,  Chairman

Our Committee To Elect Shelly A. Harris is now in formation. We welcome all lawyers, retired judiciary and all other individuals who are able to publically support Shelly's candidacity to  become a member of the committee.

If you are at all interested in joining us, please let it be known and email us with your info. Your joining will be GREATLY appreciated.

 A copy of our report is filed with the State Board of Elections
and is available for review on the Board's official website
 or for purchase from the Board in Springfield, IL. 
All contributions are reported. The names, occupation
and employers of donors are required to be reported. 
Political donations are not tax deductible..